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Why Choose Christ Church Children's Center to Care for Your Child?

Picking the right child care center is a huge choice for all parents.  At Christ Church Children's Center, we understand how hard it is to make a decision.  When choosing the center that is right for you, remember these benefits of enrolling at Christ Church Children's Center.

*  Our center has been providing Child Care since 1998 - that is more than

    24 years of excellent care to families in our community.

*  Our professional Group Supervisors have a combined total of more than 70 years of

    experience in Child Care.  In addition, our Group Supervisors have all

    been employed by our center for at least 5 years.

*  Since 2012, we have served more than 250 families and almost 350 children.

*  Our Center provides an industry leading Partial Withdrawal Program.

    This program is often used by teachers during the summer or mothers who

    are on maternity leave.

*  We are located in a beautiful new facility that was just completed in 2018.  The

    facility includes an elevator and other important ADA modifications.

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